Legislator for a Day POSTPONED!

June 21, 2011


Minnesota State Capitol

Due to the anticipated special legislative session before July 1 and the election to the Minnesota Senate of Mary Jo McGuire, our lead faculty for this workshop, we are postponing this opportunity to late summer or early fall.  Sign up to “Get Connected” to receive updates.

Build your knowledge of the legislative process, public policy, and critical issues facing Minnesotans–and your classroom for the day is the Minnesota State Capitol!

Hear from legislators and experience their decision making processes. How do they prioritize, whom do they listen to? What role do special interest groups, political parties, constituents, and their personal conscience play in this process? What are the rules of the game? Zero in on current topics of interest to students. Engage in interactive strategies that teach about the legislative branch. Explore materials that will inspire your students to get involved in our democracy!

Free materials and Parking!

CEU credits available

$25 refundable registration fee (returned to you at the end of the day!)

email jbloom@teachingcivics.org for more information.