Rock the Vote & the National Education Association Announce Democracy Day!

Forty years ago, educators and students worked together to lower the voting age to 18. In doing so, they amended the Constitution and empowered millions of American citizens to have a say in our democracy. To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the passage of the 26th Amendment, Rock the Vote – in partnership with the National Education Association (both members of the CMS Steering Committee) – is launching the first annual Democracy Day ( ).

Starting on March 23rd and running through the end of the school year, educators across the country are celebrating Democracy Day in their classrooms with Rock the Vote’s Democracy Class program. Democracy Class is a 45-minute, non-partisan lesson plan geared towards high school students that teaches them the history of voting rights, walks them through the voter registration process, and engages them in a mock election.

And to add to the celebration, there is a contest for educators and students who participate to win prizes like iPod Touches, gift cards and concert tickets!

If you are interested in partnering with Rock the Vote  to bring Democracy Day to your schools please contact Chrissy Faessen 202-719-9941 or  Educators can sign up at