Budget Making

Lesson Duration

Author: PBS Kids Go!  The Democracy Project

Most services like public health care, education and highway construction cost money because the government must pay people to provide these services and pay for materials. Citizens pay taxes to the government, so the government can afford to provide these services. This lesson will help students identify local, state, and federal government services, their cost and the income that pays for them.


  • Students will determine how much money they have (based on personal allowance or class average allowance) and how much they can afford to spend or save.
  • Students will become familiar with creating budgets (personal, family and government).
  • Students will identify major services provided by the national, state and local government.
  • Students will know how services are paid for.
  • Students will create pie graphs and use these for drawing conclusions and making figure comparisons.




A collection of lessons from PBS for teaching about government and elections for students in third through sixth grade.