First Amendment Survey

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From: Update on Law-Related Education, 22.1, 1998, pp. 35–40. © 1998 American Bar Association
By Wanda J. Routier

This lesson gives students an opportunity to conduct and analyze their own survey and compare it with the national survey conducted by The Freedom Forum. The survey included here contains excerpts from The Freedom Forum survey. In addition to conducting the survey, students will compile the results and turn raw data into meaningful statistical information. The complete survey and results are available from The Freedom Forum as listed in this article’ s Resource section. This lesson appears on pages 35-40 of Update on Law Related Education Vol. 22  No.1.


  • Learn about First Amendment rights
  • Conduct and analyze a survey about First Amendment rights
  • Compare their results with those from the national survey conducted by The Freedom Forum

Link: First Amendment Survey


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