LegalWays: Child Protection

Lesson Duration

By Jennifer Bloom and Sally Revak

In this lesson from LegalWays curriculum, Child Protection is explained, both the process and the people.  The lesson also suggests what a parent involved in a child protection matter should do. Students use guiding questions to review the student reading.  The  two case studies ask the students to play the role of child protection worker and respond to the case, making recommendations and developing the case plan.  They are also asked to take the perspective of a mother whose child is now under the services of child protection. This lesson applies Minnesota law but can be easily adapted.


  • Students will understand the function of the people involved in the juvenile protection area.
  • Become familiar with the laws of abuse and neglect.
  • Understand the various ways in which the juvenile system attempts to take of care of juveniles and their families.
  • Learn where to go for help.

Time to Complete

One class period

Materials Needed


See Juvenile Protection Teaching Guide



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