Meeting at Runnymede: The Story of King John and Magna Carta

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Constitutional Rights Foundation

After a brief, yet higher level reading about the Magna Carta, students are divided into small groups and each group is assigned a question that pertains to the reading, along with possible answers in multiple choice format. Each group must then find evidence from the reading in support of the correct answer and then report to the class.

The lesson also includes an individual writing assignment in which students support or disprove any one of the hypotheses listed below:

Magna Carta is such an important document in human history because:

a. Magna Carta introduced the idea of “the rule of law” to England and later to America.
b. Magna Carta curbed the abuses of King John.
c. Magna Carta restored peace between King John and the barons.
d. Magna Carta included many important civil rights and liberties for all Englishmen.

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