Critical Thinking Seminar

Lesson Duration


“OVERVIEW: The seminar revolves around a hotly debated topic, such as the pros and cons of social networking or illegal immigration. The students analyze several expert quotations, both pro and con. They work together in small groups and engage in a large-group discussion, offering their interpretations and criticisms of the quotes they have read. A rapid-fire brainstorming session follows, during which they build their own lists of pro and con arguments. The impact of the seminar is exemplified by a “before and after” vote on the chosen topic. Students frequently change their positions in the second vote, demonstrating their careful reflection on the arguments from both sides.”

There is a seminar handout and a video (6:17) that include all the information necessary for teachers to present the program to their own students.

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"Promoting critical thinking, education, and informed citizenship by presenting controversial issues in a straightforward, nonpartisan, primarily pro-con format."