Religion – Engel v. Vitale

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Author:  Office of the U.S. Courts – Educational Resources

Where is the line between religion and public schools? Where do school-sponsored prayers fit in? Is the practice of praying at school Constitutional if the prayer is non-denominational? What if students are allowed to remain silent or leave the room during the prayer? These and other issues evolve when students examine the question: Is school-sponsored prayer in public schools unconstitutional?  This lesson contains materials for Engel v. Vitale, a Landmark Case.  These materials can be used to lead students in a discussion of religion in public schools.


  • Students will understand the issues and hold in Engel v. Vitale.
  • Students will learn about the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • Students will learn about the issues involved in religion in the public schools.
  • Students will learn about the religion clauses of the First Amendment.



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