The Power of One Decision – Brown v. Board of Education

Lesson Duration

Author:  Linda Weber, Annenberg Classroom

This lesson is based on a video of three Supreme Court Jus- tices participating in a Q & A session with a group of high school students. The conversation revolves around the issues and arguments in the case of Brown v. Board of Education. Through the lesson, students gain insight into decision-making at the Supreme Court, learn about the people behind the case, construct a persuasive argument, and evaluate the sig- nificance of Brown v. Board of Education.


  • Describe the far-reaching impact of the decision in Brown v. Board of Education.
  • Analyze the decision-making of the Supreme Court as it relates to Brown.¬†
  • Construct a persuasive argument.
  • Define the separate and shared responsibilities of the judicial and executive branches.
  • Apply a model of reasoned decision-making.
  • Appreciate the power of the decisions they make.


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