Voting Matters To Me

Lesson Duration

by JoEllen Ambrose, Jennifer Bloom, Alex Gray, and Filiz Yargici

This 3-4 day unit will prepare students to vote by showing them why voting matters to them on the issues they care about. It will inform them about Who? Why? and How? of voting. Students will experience the process of voting and key steps in becoming a prepared voter. Each lesson stands on its own offering choice and flexibility for classroom use. The unit is designed for Minnesota students but can be adapted for other states.

And, most helpful for busy classroom teachers, all materials (including signs) are included!

Voting Matters to Me: Unit Overview with helpful Table of Contents

Voting Matters to Me Unit of Instruction Overview  (Word document)

Lesson 1: Why Should Voting Matter to Me?

 Voting Matters to Me Unit of Instruction Lesson One  (download Word document) 

Voting Matters to Me Elementary Signs and Student Handout (Just Added!  Word Document)

Lesson 2: Essentials of Voting

Voting Matters to Me Unit of Instruction Lesson Two  (download Word document)

ESSENTIALS OF VOTING (SOS Presentation) (download Powerpoint)

Election Vocabulary Quizlet

Lesson 3: Voting as Easy as 1-2-3

 Voting Matters to Me Unit of Instruction Lesson Three  (download Word document)

Lesson 4: Voter Prep 101

 Voting Matters to Me Unit of Instruction Lesson Four  (download Word document)


Download the entire unit which includes a helpful Table of Contents.

Voting Matters to Me  (download Word document)




Learning Law and Democracy Foundation. This unit of study was supported in part by a grant from the Legacy Amendment: Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

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    Please send updates.
    Thank you for your work.
    Pamela Mercier


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