Learning Law and Democracy Foundation serves as the Minnesota coordinator for iCivics, a free web-based civic education program that is the brainchild of retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor in recognition of both the vital need for civic education and a new way to reach America’s students.

iCivics offers a host of exciting, interactive, free and standards aligned resources including games, more than 40 lesson plans, virtual classrooms, and opportunities for students to get engaged in their communities. Through a growing library of enjoyable online civic education materials, students explore topics ranging from politics and public policy to foundations of government to foreign affairs and diplomacy. Students can debate a political issue, be president for a day, cast their votes, decide how their city spends money, and much more.

iCivics resources are developed by an experienced team of former educators and vetted by the iCivics Teachers Council. Aiding the effort is a network of State Coordinators. iCivics also partners with education game developers, technology companies, and civic organizations.

iCivics.org was reviewed by Graphite[tm] and received the “Best” teacher and learning rating. In 2015, iCivics was awarded the MACEI award from the John T. and Catherine D. MacArthur Foundation which recognizes creative and effective organizations for their outstanding contribution.

For information on professional development opportunities in Minnesota, contact the Minnesota iCivics State Coordinator: Jennifer Bloom,  jbloom@teachingcivics.org .

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