2017 Supreme Court Nomination Advising Senators Activity

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From Street Law

Are you teaching about President Trump’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court? Street Law has new resources for teaching about this specific nomination. Lead your students through an exploration of the process and have them take on a role as an adviser to a senator in preparation for the Senate Judiciary Committee’s confirmation hearing.

Have students learn about Judge Gorsuch’s background (using the first page of the Student Handouts or conduct independent research), discuss the typical Supreme Court nomination process, and outline the types of statements and questions that senators often pose during confirmation hearings).

Next, assign students to play one of four roles: Adviser to Senator Grassley/ Graham/ Feinstein/ Franken.

Instruct students (either working alone or in small groups with other advisers to the same senator) to review that senator’s positions on issues and the nominee. Next, students should use the questions on the Student Handouts as a guide to provide advice to their senator and generate questions.

Questions for students to consider:
What key points would you advise your Senator to get across during the Committee Hearing?
What information would you suggest your Senator try to find out about the nominee?
Make a list of questions you would advise your Senator to ask.



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