Project Citizen

2023 Minnesota State Showcase and Competition

Minnesota State Capitol 2018 Project Citizen Rotunda (2)

St. Paul, MN

Tuesday, May 16 2023
9:00-1:30 (approximately)

About the program

Project Citizen is a civics/government curriculum that promotes competent and responsible participation in government.  An interactive project-based learning model, Project Citizen emphasizes collaborative work, research and analysis, and engages students in learning how to monitor and influence public policy.

Students work together to identify and study a public policy issue, research and evaluate options, select a solution to the problem, and develop an action plan.  They will understand how to prepare for and access appropriate government channels when seeking to alter public policy.

The final product is a board and portfolio displaying the student’s work.  Find instructions for the display board and portfolio binder in materials linked  below. There is an optional opportunity for students to present and display their work at a State Showcase at the State Capitol every May.

Project Citizen Brochure

Social Studies Citizenship and Government Standard 1. Civics Skills Project Citizen

Project Citizen and Grades 5 & 6 Citizenship and Government Standards and ELA Standards

Instructions and Teacher Tips 

Project Citizen Portfolios


State Showcase and Competition Registration Information 

Are your students preparing portfolios for the annual Minnesota Project Citizen Showcase? Don’t forget to register them! Space is limited so please register now! Supported by the Minnesota Constitution Legacy Amendment Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund, Project Citizen is an exciting and affordable civic education/action project for students grades 5-12.  A limited number of grants are available for student transportation and teacher substitutes.

Project Citizen 2023 Online Registration  

1. Register Your School  

2. Register Student and Project Information (for registered schools, when you know project and student names)

Register to be a Judge  

For More Information


Project Citizen Resource List

Learning Law and Democracy  is not responsible for the contents of these sites and their presence on this page should not be construed as an endorsement.  These sites are non-comprehensive and should be used only as a starting place for your research.

  • State of Minnesota, Links to the World: A subject  list of organizations and websites that deal with various issues.

Program Support

Project Citizen is supported in part by funds from the Minnesota Legacy Amendment- Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund and donations.


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  1. By ITLP Blog | Intro to Government on June 13, 2014 at 3:04 pm

    […] The first semester will be spent learning and understanding the full contents and context of the US Constitution, including the Preamble, Articles I-VII and the 27 Amendments through their background history, goals and effects on students’ day-to-day lives. During the third quarter, we’ll examine the foundational principles of democracy, including authority, privacy, responsibility and justice as they relate to the students individually and as citizens. Fourth quarter is devoted to understanding how local, state, and federal governments work together to establish policy and how citizens can work actively to improve policies in ways that are relevant and matter to them personally. The course culminates in a student-completed Project Citizen presentation. […]