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Imagine five-year-olds cutting a cake into pieces to share. Why do they watch so closely? When they pick games and activities, why do they take turns? Why are they outraged when someone doesn’t wait their turn? Ever tried to change rules in the middle of the game?

Each one of these situations is a display of a principle of democracy. Fairness. Participation. Equality. Due Process.

You maybe never saw yourself as a civics teacher, but you are. Every day. In many ways.

Super Civics recognizes the opportunity presented to K-8 teachers and their students to start building their toolboxes for civic learning. The reasons why and the how’s of each building block are essential to prepare a young person for full participation in the American experiment in democracy.

You are key.

Super Civics will connect you with tested lessons and strategies in the toolbox, deepen your own knowledge of our system of government and the rights and responsibilities of the people who are charged with running it, and provide professional development for you and others in the same boat.

Our goal: Inspire and prepare you to seek out civic education opportunities for your students, to unpack lessons and grab each chance to add a layer of civics.

2020 Super Civics Summer Institute  



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2019 Super Civics Summer Institute for MN K-8 teachers


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Is civics education an afterthought on your list of “to-dos” in your already full school day? Do you wonder how to foster respectful discourse with students in today’s world? Are you seeking new tools for integrating civic education into your existing lesson plans? If so, join us for this exciting 3-day institute where you will explore engaging lessons and resources that will bring civics to life in your classroom. The target audience is K-8 teachers.

Travel Scholarships

A limited number of scholarships are available to cover travel costs (hotel and mileage) for teachers from greater Minnesota. Indicate your interest on the registration form.

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