Electoral Dysfunction

Lesson Duration

Directed by David Deschamps, Leslie D. Farrell and Bennett Singer

“Officially endorsed by The National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS), this closed-captioned video is hosted by Emmy-winning political humorist Mo Rocca, who takes a road trip to explore voting in America. Topics addressed include Constitutional provisions on voting and voting rights; the origins and present-day impact of the Electoral College; voter ID laws; ballot design; inconsistencies among America’s 13,000 voting jurisdictions; and reforms that would make elections fairer and more uniform.”

The 36-minute Classroom Edition of the award-winning PBS documentary is accompanied by an extensive curriculum guide.

“This curriculum guide has three overarching goals: (1) to help students identify problems and challenges in America’s electoral system and explain the underlying reasons for these problems; (2) to encourage students to analyze and discuss policy options for addressing electoral problems; and (3) to motivate and provide opportunities for students to advocate for their positions on these issues. Particular elements of the curriculum have more speci c knowledge, skill, and civic-action objectives, but all of them tie back to these three key purposes.”

Go to: http://electoraldysfunction.org/classroom/#wpcf7-f539-p532-o1


"Following successful screenings at both the 2012 Republican and Democratic National Conventions as part of the Impact Film Festival, Electoral Dysfunction had a limited theatrical release in the fall of 2012 and a national PBS broadcast prior to the 2012 election via presenting station WTTW. The film is directed by David Deschamps, Leslie D. Farrell and Bennett Singer,..."