A President’s Day

Lesson Duration

“If you are elected to the nation’s highest office, what are you actually expected to do? Spend a day at the White House with John F. Kennedy to learn about some of the president’s most important roles and responsibilities…

The functions of the executive branch and the various roles of the president may be somewhat abstract to students in middle grades. This lesson provides them with concrete examples as they examine one long and varied day in President Kennedy’s life—September 25, 1962. On this day they can see the president performing specific roles, such as Party Leader, Head of State, Head of the Executive Branch, Commander-in-Chief, and Moral Leader. Students also review what the Constitution has to say about the president’s job, consider how it has changed over the years, and collect additional information on the presidency today based on current news sources. Finally, after collaborating on a ‘help wanted’ ad for the job of president, they write personal essays on what the job means to them.”




The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library