ABA Supreme Court PREVIEW – Featured Cases 2020-2021

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Featured Cases from the Supreme Court’s 2020-2021 session

Caniglia v. StromDoes the “community caretaking’’ exception to the Fourth Amendment’s warrant requirement extend to the home?

Lange v. California - May a police officer enter a home without a warrant when the officer pursues a person that the officer has probable cause to believe has committed a misdemeanor?

Trump v. New YorkDoes President Trump’s memo violate the Constitution and federal law by requiring the secretary of commerce separately to report unauthorized noncitizens and to omit them from the count for the purpose of apportioning congressional seats?

Fulton v. PhiladelphiaDid Philadelphia violate the Free Exercise Clause or the Free Speech Clause when it included a clause in its contract for foster family care agencies that prohibits those agencies from discriminating by sexual orientation?

Torres v. MadridDo the police seize a person under the Fourth Amendment when they use deadly force to restrain that person if that person eludes police custody?

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