Activity Guides: Grades 9-12 Learn At Home (NYC)

Lesson Duration

Worksheets with activities for distance learning - these materials are designed to provide supplementary learning resources; they do not replace learning at school.

9th Grade

Lesson – Global History and Geography: Skills

Objective: Analyze and gather evidence from various texts in order to understand historical context and write a structured historical paragraph. (English Bill of Rights)

Lesson - Civics for All: Rights v. Responsibilities

Objective: Analyze scenarios to better understand your rights and responsibilities and the relationship between them.

Lesson - Parliamentary v. Presidential System

Objective: Compare and Contrast presidential and parliamentary systems of government.

10th Grade

Lesson - Global History and Geography Regents: Part II

Objective: Read and annotate A Vindication of the Rights of Women, The Social Contract, and The Purpose of Government to understand potential audience, bias, point of view, and/or purpose. (John Locke, Mary Wollstonecraft)

Lesson - Civics for All: Philosophical Foundations of the U.S. Constitution

Objective: Analyze the intellectual influences on the philosophical ideas expressed in the United States Constitution.

11th Grade

Lesson - US History and Government Regents: Part II Causation

Objective: Read United States Constitution on Slavery and What to the Negro is the Fourth of July? to evaluate cause and effect relationships. (Frederick Douglass)

Lesson - Civics for All: Journey to Political Office - 2 Day

Objective: Analyze texts to understand various paths elected officials from New York City took to reach elected office.

12th Grade

Lesson - Hidden Voices: Eliza Jennings Graham

Objective: Consider how the power of individuals to change rules and laws has been a significant enduring issue through the history of one individual, Eliza Jennings Graham.

Lesson - Civics for All: The United States Census

Objective: Analyze U.S. Census data for an NYC neighborhood and make recommendations to the City Council to help improve the lives of residents.

Lesson - Civics for All: Legal Tests & Private Property

Objective: Review Supreme Court cases to develop a legal test for the question: was the public use sufficient to authorize the taking of property? Apply your legal test to court cases involving questions of private property. (The Fifth Amendment and Eminent Domain; Takings Clause Legal Test; Eminent Domain; Keystone XL pipeline)




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