Better Questions – Better Decisions Voter Engagement

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From the Right Question Institute

The BQBD Voter Engagement Workshop offers a free, simple, easy to implement, engagement nonpartisan lesson for any middle school or high school social studies teacher, history teacher, librarian, or educator who would like to engage students in thinking about the importance of the elections and voting process.

About the Right Question Institute

“The idea for the Right Question Strategy did not originate in a laboratory nor in an academic study. We began our work with a dropout prevention program in Lawrence, MA, funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, when parents told us they were not participating in their children’s education because they “don’t even know what to ask.” Parents had identified a huge obstacle that prevents many people from thinking for themselves, from doing their own problem solving, from becoming more self-sufficient and from being able to see the “Big Picture” beyond their own lives.

It only took hearing that statement one or two…thousand times, and we finally got it. Eventually, we figured out that we had to find a way to teach people how to formulate their own questions. We’ve spent 20 years designing ways to do that as simply and effectively as possible and created the Question Formulation Technique (QFT).”

The Question Formulation Technique (QFT) is the outcome of years of work in developing and, most importantly, simplifying a straightforward, rigorous process that helps all students learn how to produce their own questions, improve their questions, and strategize on how to use their questions. In the process, they develop divergent, convergent and metacognitive thinking abilities.

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The Right Question Institute aims to make democracy work better by teaching a strategy that allows anyone, no matter their educational, income or literacy level, to learn to ask better questions and participate more effectively in decisions that affect them.