Civics 101 – IRL1: Free Speech in Schools

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Each podcast episode of Civics 101 gives listeners a basic, non-partisan, topical reintroduction to how the U.S. government works. The Civics 101 IRL installments dive into the historic moments related to episode topics.

IRL1: Learn about “…four incredibly important Supreme Court cases – four cases that have shaped how we interpret the meaning of free speech in public schools.  Is political protest allowed in class?  Is lewd speech covered by the First Amendment? Can school administrators determine what students can and can’t say in the school newspaper? Listen in, and find out how students and schools have gone head to head over how First Amendment rights apply in a public school setting.:

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Transcript included.

Go to Materials for Activity – You Rule:

An activity where the class gets to vote on hypothetical speech cases in schools based on precedent from six real Supreme Court cases.”

Landmark cases: WV State Board of ed v Barnette, Tinker v Des Moines, Hazelwood v Kuhlmeier, Bethel v Fraser,  Morse v Frederick, Chaplinsky v NH

Go to Civics 101 video (6:47)- John and Mary Beth Tinker (Tinker v Des Moines):


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