Election 2016: Analyzing a Campaign Ad

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Students watch two short television commercials, one representing each campaign. A sampling of commercials promoting each candidate (some were created by political action committees) are provided. Then, students use a television commercial analysis chart (provided) to take notes and analyze the campaign ads.

This analysis chart is useful when watching and analyzing commercials from past presidential elections as well (see The living Room Candidate).

Pro-Trump Commercials: “The Enemy,” “Two Americas: Immigration,” “It Takes Two” and “The Difference.”
Pro-Clinton Commercials: “Absolutely,” “Dante,” “Presidential” and “Role Models.”

This lesson is from a mini-unit, Part Three of a Four-Part Election Unit, and can be found by going to Election 2016 Unit, Part 3: The Campaign Strategy and scrolling down to the “Analyzing a Campaign Ad” section.

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