Executive Command

Lesson Duration

Welcome to Executive Command! This interactive online video game will give your middle or high school students the experience of being the President of the United States! As the President, students will be faced with the daily challenges presidents must balance in running a government and keeping the country safe. They will propose an agenda to Congress, sign bills into law, delegate new laws to the appropriate federal agency, handle international diplomacy, and command the military during times of war. The time frame is one four-year term in office, and the goal is to keep everything running smoothly. This guide is intended to answer all your questions about Executive Command, so it can be used successfully in your classroom.

Link: http://www.icivics.org/games/executive-command

The teacher’s guide includes a step by step overview of the content, student expereince and practical suggestions for assessment.

The post-game powerpoint is a strong review tool in an engaging quiz format.  You could use this tool without even playing the game.


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