Felon Voting

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“Should felons be allowed to vote?” is the core question explored on this site, with arguments and support given both pro and con. The topic of felon voting is further explored pro-con by categories such as: Elections and Politics (Other than felons, who else can be prevented from voting?), Race (Are felon disenfranchisement laws a form of racial discrimination?), Philosophical Questions (Does the “social contract” theory present a valid reason for felon disenfranchisement?), Policy-Oriented Questions (Are felons on probation or parole considered to be still serving their term of imprisonment?), US Constitution (What does the US Constitution say about voting and punishment?)

A video (03:57) from ProCon.org’s Critical Thinking Video Series explores the pros and cons of felon voting (Mar. 12, 2014).

Other features include a historical timeline of Felon Voting/ Disenfranchisement and a 10-question quiz on felon disenfranchisement issues. The answers are at the bottom of the quiz, along with links to related information.

ProCon.org: Felon Voting



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