Hashtag You’re It

Lesson Duration

This Emerging Citizens game encourages players to engage with culturally and politically relevant topics while focusing on a specific 21st digital modality (Hashtags). 

Hashtag You’re It is a twitter based bluffing game where players read real tweets with hidden hashtags, submit their own hashtag to fool other players, and then attempt to select the real hashtag themselves without getting fooled by others. Minimum two players.

Students will:

Create and craft interesting and rhetorically purposeful hashtags 

Learn how to advocate for issues and causes through social media 

Think Critically about twitter campaigns 

Analyze what makes hashtags effective and meaningful 

Reflect on the role of hashtag activism in spreading awareness, engagement and participation

tag: media literacy



Emerging Citizens is a product of The Engagement Lab @ Emerson College an applied research lab for reimaging civic engagement in a digital culture.