History in Dispute: Charlottesville and Confederate Monuments

Lesson Duration

By The Choices Program

How should public spaces be used to commemorate the past? Who should decide?

How do governments and citizens shape historical memory?

In this lesson students will understand the idea of historical memory and contextualize recent (08/2017) events in Charlottesville within a larger historical  controversy.

Students will:

  • Understand the idea of historical memory.
  • Contextualize recent events in Charlottesville within a larger historical controversy.
  • Apply the concept of historical memory to the controversy over Confederate monuments.
  • Appraise media sources that express a range of views on Confederate monuments.

Activities include – discussion/ seminar questions, essay topic, suggestion for research, sketching/ designing a memorial. Primary source documents, graphic organizers, and videos are included in this lesson.

Go to: http://www.choices.edu/teaching-news-lesson/history-dispute-charlottesville-confederate-monuments/


The Choices Program is a national education initiative developed at Brown University's Watson Institute for International Studies.