How the U.S. Has Treated Wartime Refugees

Lesson Duration

From Retro Report in the Classroom


This ten-minute video compares the recent U.S. settlement of Afghan and Ukrainian migrants to theĀ 1975 United States evacuation and resettlement of 130,000 of its South Vietnamese allies. Students examine:

  • How has U.S. immigration policy changed over time?
  • What factors have led to policy changes? What effects have come from those changes?
  • What obligation does the United States have to refugees fleeing war-torn countries?
  • Examine U.S. immigration policy at several points in history.
  • Analyze the change in immigration policy over time, and evaluate the effects of policy changes.
  • Compare and contrast patterns of immigration and make generalizations from available data.
  • Formulate an argument about U.S. immigration policy.


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