Immigration Law: Deport or Not? You Decide

Lesson Duration

Author: Rebecca Swinney, University of Minnesota Law Student, Street Law Course 2010

This lesson introduces students to immigration law in the United States.  The lesson first reviews the history of immigration and defines deportation.  The lesson then explains the difference between citizens and non citizens and the way in which deportation law affects each group. Students are asked to explain their opinions of exporting persons who have committed crimes by examining several situations and taking stands on an opinion continuum.



Through this lesson, the students will:

  • Learn the history of immigration in the United States
  • Learn the difference between citizens and non citizens
  • Understand the consequences of breaking the law to a non citizen


Grade Level:

High School (9-12)

Time to complete:

One 80 minute class period (preferred) or 2 periods.  This lesson plan could be done in one 50 minute class period if the class is at a more advanced level.

Materials needed: