James Bond in a Honda: Trial Simulation Lesson

Lesson Duration

From iCivics

“Students participate in a scripted fictional trial based on a real case in which the producers of James Bond films sued Honda for creating an ad that looked way too much like a James Bond movie. After the “trial,” students examine evidence and play the role of jurors.  Students apply real copyright law to simulate the process courts use in applying law to fact and arrive at a “verdict.” This is a two-day lesson.” Fillable PDF lesson materials are available for 1:1 classrooms.


Students will be able to:

  • Simulate participation in a trial by reading a script.
  • Identify the major components and players in a trial.
  • Simulate jury deliberation by applying real laws to the facts in the trial in order to reach a verdict.
  • Evaluate the arguments of both sides in a trial.

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