LegalWays: Extended Jurisdiction Juvenile

Lesson Duration

By Jennifer Bloom and Sally Revak

This lesson from the LegalWays curriculum describes a process provided by Minnesota law that has the juvenile in both the juvenile system and adult system.  It has been described as “a foot in each system.”   How a juvenile becomes EJJ, what the court looks as in making its decision, and what happens if the juvenile does not complete the juvenile sentence are the topics of the lesson.  The Questions guide the student through the information and the “You Decide” activities ask the students to apply what they have learned.


  • Students will become familiar with the juvenile delinquency procedure, with focus on Minnesota’s Extended Jurisdiction Juvenile procedure
  • Students will understand the reasoning that underlies judges’ decisions

Time to Complete

One to Two class periods

Materials Needed


See Juvenile Delinquency Teaching Guide


LegalWays curriculum was funded by Grant No. 95-JS-FX-0300 from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Office of Justice Programs, Department of Justice.


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