Meme machine

Lesson Duration

This Emerging Citizens game encourages players to engage with culturally and politically relevant topics while focusing on a specific 21st digital modality (Memes). 

Meme machine is a meme generation voting game that gives players a topic, asks them to make a meme about that topic, and then vote on which player’s meme best describes the revealed description.

Students will:

  • Create memes about social, cultural, and political issues.
  • Create commentary and understand how spreadable content through culture/comedic forms can shape media discourse.
  • Understand how to read the rhetorical language of memes.
  • Increase students ability to participate in conversations.
  • Reflect on the role that memes play in expression, sharing, and participation today.

tag: media literacy


Emerging Citizens is a product of The Engagement Lab @ Emerson College an applied research lab for reimaging civic engagement in a digital culture.