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These materials are part of a series of free, eight week classes (in Portland, Oregon) designed to provide a basis in American history, citizenship and current events. Classes cater to green card holders trying to pass the citizenship test and prepare for citizenship.

Each lesson includes a presentation with connections to the naturalization test, a (blank/ filled out) note guide, and a “Kahoot” quiz. 

Lesson topics: Naturalization Overview, Geography, Pre-Constitutional History/ Constructing the Constitution, 1787-1789/ The Structure of Government/ The Bill of Rights and the Civil Rights Movement/ United States History/ Your Duties and Rights as a United States Citizen/ Current Events and State and National Office Holders

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Mission: Citizen is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is dedicated to preparing immigrants for the U.S. naturalization exam and a lifetime of active citizenship. It's more than just the test. We prepare for citizenship.