No Animals Allowed in School

Lesson Duration

Author:    Annette Boyd Pitts, The Florida Law Related Education Assn.

Summary: This activity provides an opportunity for students to explore how rules and laws are written and interpreted. Strategies for writing a good rule/law are emphasized and scenarios examined to determine what a rule/law really means.


  • Students will learn about the qualities of a good rule.  Is it clear?  Can it be followed?  Is it fair?  Is there a consequence for breaking it?  Is it reasonable?
  • Students will apply a rule to a set of scenarios.
  • Students will understand the difficulty involved in interpreting laws.



Justice Teaching, an initiative of then Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice R. Fred Lewis, works to promote an understanding of Florida's justice system and our laws, develop critical thinking abilities and problem solving skills, and demonstrate the effective interaction of our courts within the constitutional structure.