Painting Presidential Portraits

Lesson Duration

Author:  The Democracy Project for Public Broadcasting Systems

This lesson offers the opportunity for children to look at the duties of the president. The featured guide for this lesson is the online game, “President for A Day.” The students can express themselves through art and creative writing, as they design new U.S. currency with presidential portraits, facts, and figures.


  • Students will know the duties and powers of the president.
  • Students will use timelines.
  • Students will recognize former presidents.
  • Students will identify important events of the past associated with presidencies.
  • Students will research to find information.
  • Students will improve communication skills.
  • Students will recognize the importance of the arts in documenting historical information.
  • Students will chronologically sequence material.
  • Students will increase vocabulary related to government.
  • Students will improve reading and listening skills.



A collection of lessons from PBS for teaching about government and elections for students in third through sixth grade.