Serving on a Jury

Lesson Duration

Author: Street Law for Youth Court

Students role-play a court room trial based on scenarios involving juvenile offenders.  There are two possible scenarios involving either vandalism or shoplifting.  Instructions are given for several different role-play models, depending on whether adults take some of the roles.  Students learn about the role of the jury, trials, advocacy and case preparation.


Students will:

  • Explain what a juror does and why it is important
  •  Define mitigating and aggravating circumstances and explain why these concepts are important in determining an appropriate sentence for an offender
  •  State the steps involved in a youth court hearing
  •  Demonstrate trial, advocacy, and case preparation skills
  •  Apply listening, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills to the process of deliberation and sentencing

Source: 3 serving on a jury


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