The American Presidency – grades 10-12

Lesson Duration

Author: Smithsonian National Museum of American History and the History Channel

This group of lessons was created as part of the permanent American Presidency – A Glorious Burden exhibit at the National Museum of American History.  It includes grade level adaptations for grades 4-12.  Lessons provided for grades 10-12 cover the topics:  Campaigns and Elections, Roles and Responsibilities, Limits of Power,  Assassination and Mourning, and Communicating the Presidency.


  • Students will gain understanding of the role of the President in American government.
  • Students will learn about the responsibilities and limitations of the President.
  • Students will learn about the presidency and its relationship to American culture and media.
  • Students will use and understand primary and secondary documents.



"The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden," the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History brings together for the first time objects that represent the lives and times of the country’s 42 presidents. This Web site links objects from the exhibition and presidents to historic eras. The site includes a teacher’s manual produced in partnership with The History Channel with activities for grades 4-12.