The Perfect President

Lesson Duration

Author:  The Democracy Project – PBS Kids Go!

Summary:  After researching about the U.S. president’s duties, students will brainstorm criteria for the “perfect president.” The information will then be used to create a job description and newspaper article to advertise the presidency.  Students will use activities including an internet game and building a jigsaw of powers of the president.


  • Students will understand that certain character traits will enhance the president’s ability to fulfill his responsibilities.
  • Students will show a considerable comprehension of the president’s role in office.
  • Students will analyze and critique media to gather details of the president’s role, and create a written job description synthesizing information from different sources.  Lesson could be broken down and only one element used if less time is available.



The Democracy Project includes lessons to introduce students in grades 3-6 to basic concepts of government, the presidency, and voting rights.