The Personal Side of Citizenship: Process to Become a Naturalized U.S. Citizen

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the.News online video reports for the.Gov provide middle and high school students with a valuable exercise in language arts and social studies with this 6:16 segment called “The Personal Side of Citizenship.” The segment is available at You can also view this report in the “For Educators” section of the website.

In this segment, Elana Michelle describes the role of immigration and citizenship in the United States and interviews people who have gone through or are currently attempting to go through the naturalization process to become U.S. citizens. All videos and curricula have been informed by the.News instructional design that can be found on the website at The curriculum includes content-based standards, discussion questions, student activities, vocabulary and primary reference sources. A complete transcript of each video report includes time codes to assist in isolating specific segments of the video and to augment the instruction of media literacy and multimedia production. All of this material is presented as options to fit teachers’ instructional needs.

This 6:16 video describes the role of immigration and citizenship in the United States and explores the process and requirements of naturalization.

The Personal Side of Citizenship Lesson Plan

The Personal Side of Citizenship Video


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