Tracking the Transformative Fourteenth Amendment

Lesson Duration

By JoEllen Ambrose - Insights on Law & Society 17.2, Winter 2017

DURATION: One class period for speaking strategy and research; one class period for role-play and class discussion tracking impact of cases; one class period for Socratic seminar.

This lesson offers several instructional strategies teaching the Fourteenth (14th) Amendment. First, students speak the protections found in Section 1, Fourteenth Amendment (a literacy strategy). Second, students research and roleplay plaintiffs in landmark cases tracking the Fourteenth Amendment’s impact on society (graphic organizer provided). Finally, students participate in a Socratic seminar evaluating the transformative nature of the Fourteenth Amendment in achieving our civic ideals of equality, justice and liberty.

• Identify citizenship, equal protection and due process protections in the Fourteenth Amendment.

• Analyze landmark cases interpreting the Fourteenth Amendment and their impact.

• Evaluate how the Fourteenth Amendment has transformed society in achieving civic ideals of equality, justice, and liberty.

See pages 8 – 10.


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