Voting! What’s It All About?

Lesson Duration

Author:  Renee Goularte for National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)

A series of eight lessons on voting. Students discuss information, read from a variety of sources, collect images, articles, and other things they can use to create a graffiti wall about voting. They create a chart listing what they know about the current election and how they know it, then examine the chart to determine which items are fact and which are opinion. They explore the history of voting and voting rights and create a timeline of voting history.


Students will

  • share prior knowledge about elections.
  • actively listen to books about the voting process, both fiction and nonfiction.
  • discuss information about the voting process, as presented by a variety of text sources read with partners.
  • use the Internet to gather information about voting.
  • participate in creating a graffiti-wall mural on the topic of voting.
  • write an opinion essay about their favorite candidate.

Link: Voting! What’s It All About?


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