What is special about the Constitution?

Lesson Duration

From DCPS  - Instructional Continuity Plan (distance learning)

How does the Constitution work? Students complete a scavenger hunt using The Constitution of the United States of America. 

How does the Constitution limit power? Students use a summary of the United States Constitution to complete a graphic organizer outlining the checks and balances in the Constitution. 

What is the Bill of Rights? Students read The Bill of Rights and complete a graphic organizer evaluating the powers of the United States government. 

What is special about the Constitution? Students write a paragraph discussing how the Constitution works, how power is divided, and how the Constitution protects the rights of Americans.  

Lesson: https://dcps.instructure.com/courses/179580/pages/learners-elementary-grade-4-social-studies - Weeks 8-9 Learning Plans


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