Activity Guides: Grades 6-8 Learn At Home (NYC)

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Worksheets with activities for distance learning - these materials are designed to provide supplementary learning resources; they do not replace learning at school.




6th Grade

Lesson – Hidden Voices: Elsie Richardson 

Objective: Learn about how people have organized to help their neighborhoods in New York City through the story of Elsie Richardson.

Lesson - Time Capsule

Objective: Write an inspirational letter to your future self describing American ideals and civic virtues you hope to see in the future.

  • Resources: Letter from Ruth Bader Ginsburg Supporting the Equal Rights Amendment; Letter to President Dwight D. Eisenhower Regarding Integration


7th Grade

Lesson - Checks and Balances

Objective: Analyze real-life examples of checks and balances to understand how the US Constitution ensures that one branch cannot overpower the other two branches.

Lesson - Civics for All: Separation of Church & State

Objective: Analyze the concept of separation of church and state by interpreting court cases.

Lesson - Civics for All: Amending the Constitution

Objective: Analyze amendments to understand how and why the Constitution has changed over time.

Lesson - Passport to Social Studies: The Great Compromise

Objectives: Compare and contrast the New Jersey Plan and the Virginia Plan; Analyze census data in order to understand the importance of the Great Compromise for American democracy.

Lesson - Civics for All: Analyzing the Bill of Rights

Objective: Learn about what your individual rights are and how they are protected in the United States.


8th Grade

Lesson - Hidden Voices: Antonia Pantoja

Objective: Read the story of Antonia Pantoja, a woman who changed New York City.

Lesson - Passport to Social Studies: Reconstruction Amendments

Objective: Read, paraphrase, and summarize the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to understand their significance.


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