Deliberating in a Democracy Raw Milk

Lesson Duration

by Jennifer Bloom, Claudia Parliament, Alan Withers, and Filiz Yargici

Engage students in a Structured Academic Controversy in this lesson that focuses on developing deliberation skills using the issue of the regulation of raw milk (a critical question concerning food safety).

This lesson from the Deliberating in a Democracy Minnesota project teaches deliberation skills so that conflicting views can be heard, understood, and valued. The lesson includes a reading about the pros and cons of regulating raw milkĀ for increasing understanding of the issue.


  • Students will learn the process of deliberation
  • Students will increase understanding of the tensions surrounding food regulation
  • Students will practice skills for democracy

Materials needed


See Deliberating in a Democracy Steps and Steps Video




This lesson was prepared for the Minnesota Center for Social Studies Education's 2010 Summer Institute. Deliberating in a Democracy Minnesota is supported in part by the Minnesota Legacy Amendment.