Power to the people

Lesson Duration

From the Esri GeoInquiries collection for Government

Students will be able to explain the purpose and use of the recall to hold state and local officials accountable for their actions; students will be able to identify how and where the referendum is used to initiate or approve legislation.

  • Which states grant recall powers to their citizens?
  • Who has been recalled and why?
  • How else do states limit the power of office holders?
  • How does voter power differ from state to state?
  • How democratic is the recall?

GeoInquiries™ are short, standards-based inquiry activities for teaching map-based content. This fifteen-minute activity does not require a login to or installation of ArcGIS Online.

Go to: https://www.esri.com/content/dam/esrisites/en-us/media/pdf/4-power2people-govt-geoinquiry.pdf



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